What to Expect During Covid-19 (Updated as of 4/26/21)

All four of our locations will remain open for the time being, as allowed by each of our local governments. We will continue to follow our modified procedures that have kept our customers and staff safe since we reopened during the summer.

Please remember that these modifications and restrictions are necessary as there still is no cure or vaccine readily available for this coronavirus and the safety of our team members and customers are first and foremost on our mind.

  • We will continue to operate on a first-come, first-serve walk in basis only. When you arrive, please wait in line outside our store while following 6 feet social distancing guidelines.
  • Due to city requirements, we will initially be limiting capacity to 2 brides and their 1 guest at a time in the store.
    • Each bride will be allowed to bring only 1 guest with them.
    • Please no children under the age of 12 allowed.
  • Please wait outside in the order you arrived until a Glamour Closet team member welcomes you in. In the event there are already 2 brides in the store when you arrive, you may encounter a line or the door locked. Please just wait patiently as all of our team members are assisting brides ahead of you and will welcome you in when it is your turn. Please be patient with us as we will not be operating with full staffing initially.
  • We are limiting each bride to a maximum of 1 hour in store and a maximum of 8 gowns to try on per visit to ensure we can see as many brides as possible during these Covid restrictions.
  • Upon entry, please note:
    • Face coverings/masks (that cover nose and mouth) are required by all customers and employees while in store.
    • All customers must use hand sanitizer on their hands upon entry.
    • All customers must allow us to check your temperature with a non-contact forehead thermometer. Any customer with a reading over 100 degrees with not be permitted to enter.
    • All customers must register at the front desk and provide their name, contact information and wedding date.
    • All customers must maintain 6 feet social distancing at all times while in store.
    • All restrooms will be temporarily closed to customers. We apologize for this inconvenience but want you to know in advance to prepare accordingly.
  • Customers will be allowed to browse the showroom of gowns on their own and select a maximum of 8 gowns to try on during their visit. A stylist will be available to make suggestions if you need help.
  • When you are ready to try on gowns, a stylist will move your gowns to a fitting room. Please note we have closed off certain fitting rooms to provide more social distancing.
  • When trying on gowns:
    • All brides must dress and undress themselves or have their guest assist them into gown. Our stylists will NOT be entering your curtained dressing room.
    • All brides MUST step into gowns. NO GOWNS ALLOWED TO BE PULLED OVER HEAD. If you can’t step into it, you can’t try it on.
    • Brides and their guest MUST wear face masks at all times.
    • Once the bride is in the gown and opens the curtain, our stylist can help clip your gown and offer alterations advice.
    • Brides can then proceed to our shared mirror in front of our stage and stand in designated spot to receive input from stylist. Spots will be designated to ensure proper social distancing of 6 ft min.
  • Please remember that we are taking all of these measures to keep you safe while you are here. As such, please be kind and respectful to our team members in return.
  • We are looking forward to seeing you soon!